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  Q. Why choose Adjuvo™ to manage my league ?
R. Adjuvo™ is a web based sport league management application that offers excellent performance, efficiency and is user friendly. Also, its scoresheet greatly facilitates score capture and the generation of all the statistics. In addition, your league Adjuvo™ portal centralizes all of these statistics and makes them available for consultation to all of the members of the league. Finally, but not the least, Adjuvo™ is free!

Q. How come Adjuvo™ is free ?
R. Adjuvo™ is free for the users. The profits are based on web site advertising.

Q. My league already has a web site, can I link it to Adjuvo™ ?
R. It is possible to link existing domain name to the Adjuvo™ portal of your league. The URL will resemble something like: http://www.adjuvo.ca/portail?league_id=1

Q. How much time saving will I get with Adjuvo™ to manage all aspect of my sport league ?
R. Adjuvo™ will make you realize a time saving of 70% over the use of traditional methods and tools.

Q. What are my obligations if I want to use Adjuvo™ ?
R.You have nothing to pay, no contract to sign. All that you have to do is register. However, by registering to Adjuvo™, you accept to comply to the Terms of Use.

Q. What type of support will I get with Adjuvo™ ?
R. You will obtain support through our support mailing at: support@adjuvo.ca

Q. What type of reports can I print with Adjuvo™ ?
R. All of the statistics reports that are posted on the Adjuvo™ portal of your league can be printed in a report format.

Q. How do I enter all of the scores and other informations for my league ?
R. You enter the scores or other information with the scoresheet accessible on the Adjuvo™ portal of your league.

Q. How are the statistics for my league kept up-to-date ?
R. The statistics are automatically updated as soon as the data is entered in the scoresheet.

Q. Which statistics can I display the Adjuvo™ portal of my league ?
R. Adjuvo™ offers the complete array of statistics comparable to the professional leagues.

Q. Who can access the Adjuvo™ portal of my league ?
R. Public information of your league is accessible to all. On the other hand, the other types of information are protected by types of user with authentication preset in the application Adjuvo™: score keeper, player, manager and administrator.

Q. Is it possible to import the data of my league in the web application Adjuvo™ ?
R. Yes, on request. However, certain charges will apply.
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